Scene to Song

Scene to Song Episode 71: Black Women in Musical Theater History

January 31, 2022

In this episode, composer/lyricist, playwright, voice teacher, and performance scholar Masi Asari discusses black women in musical theater history, focusing on their vocal performance from the turn of the century to present day. We also talk about the late Micki Grant and her song "Cleanin' Women" from the 1978 musical Working.

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Music played in this episode:
Ma Rainey singing "Don’t Fish in my Sea"
Ethel Waters singing "St. Louis Blues"
Diahann Carroll singing "A Sleepin' Bee" from House of Flowers
Leslie Uggams singing "Being Good" from Hallelujah Baby 
Pat Suzuki singing "From This Moment On" on The Frank Sinatra Show
"I Hate the Bus" from Caroline, or Change
"Dottie and Caroline" from Caroline, or Change
"Cleanin' Women" from Working

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