Scene to Song

Scene to Song Mini Episode: Scene to Song Outtakes

November 8, 2021

In this mini episode, I share outtakes from previous episodes from seasons three and four with guests Rob Hartmann, Robert Lee, Jason K. Purdy, Heath Saunders, Laura Josepher and David Sisco, and Janine McGuire. No guest this week, but at some point soon there will be two weeks in a row with a regular episode.

You can write to with a comment or question about an episode or about musical theater, or if you’d like to be a podcast guest. Follow on Instagram at @ScenetoSong, on Twitter at @SceneSong, and on Facebook at “Scene to Song with Shoshana Greenberg Podcast.” The theme music is by Julia Meinwald.

Music played in this episode:
"Unexpected Song" from Song and Dance
"Tell Me on a Sunday" from Song and Dance


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